Why Small Agencies Are The Cat’s Pajamas!

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By: Amy Molthan, uSocially

According to the latest from the Agency Post over at HubSpot, Jami Oetting explains that the bigger companies are starting to make a shift to small agencies for multiple reasons, and they are good ones. So you might be thinking, why would a sizeable company, or any company, prefer a small agency over a big well-established agency? One with a legacy of excellent performance and proven results? Well, let me tell you.

Bigger companies are looking for innovation more than ever. Smaller agencies are able to deliver fresh and exciting new energy into the mix, and they are able to do it much faster and easier than the older larger agencies.

Now here is the interesting part, larger companies are looking at smaller agencies to avoid dealing with all slow-moving bureaucracy and legacy systems of doing business that kills the fast-moving projects that are required in marketing at the moment. They don’t want to deal with more red tape on top of what they deal with it already. Small agencies can jump on things much faster because they are not bogged down by complicated approval processes. Did I mean mention speed? Well let me mention it again, it really can take forever to get something done through a large agency and that is fine for a larger project but for quickies, the little guys win.

Let’s talk about projects, projects are now much smaller and often need to be deployed quickly to be effective and still relevant. For those one-time projects they are starting to look to smaller agencies that can provide what they need much quicker, and this is good for smaller agencies because it can land them regular business from them.

Another way that smaller agencies are killing it is the fact that they can go deep. They can easily side step into serving a niche that a huge agency cannot do. Large agencies can also specialize in certain sectors and often do, but they can’t roll up their sleeves and really go down the rabbit hole like the smaller agencies. Not only can the little guys go deeper they can go more unique, and more innovative.

What else is so sexy about the small agency to the big boys? Fewer underlings doing the work, more qualified people carrying out the details and measuring the results. In a small agency, the person creating the strategy and reading the results is likely to be one in the same, which saves time, and deepens understanding. This also facilitates and very intimate understanding of the entire process that can become disjointed with each person assigned to a different portion of the project as can often happen with a larger scale agency.

But check this out, they love the fact that smaller agencies are willing to take risks. Risks that large agencies with shareholders and “we’ve always done it this way” attitudes cannot take. Businesses are having to become faster and flexible, and the little agency is running along with the change well. Speaking of change, small agencies are kicking butt at something else.

Culture, culture is actually becoming a very powerful tool for businesses. Think about how much more buzz there is about a companies culture these days. People expect a great culture. Companies want to be sure that who they are working with aligns with their company’s values. However, a small company culture achieves something else; it can create a unique culture that cannot exist in a larger company, and it can make you cool, creative, dynamic, and sexy in comparison to larger companies who still feel like they operate in a cultural void.

source: Why Big Brands Hire Small Agencies


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