4 Steps To Create Your Business Story on Facebook

usocially, facebook, your story4 Steps To Create Your Business Story on Facebook

By Amy Molthan

In case you missed the notice on your Facebook page, Facebook has included a fun and free little feature that will let you create your story, the story of your business. As Facebook points out there are over 3 million businesses advertising on Facebook. That is a lot of businesses, which means, as Facebook has made a few changes recently it is a little harder to get seen in feeds without paid advertising. This might not change that, but it will allow you to create a short story to advertise your business with.  This story is something fun and engaging to share with your fans!! It might spark a discussion or you can offer pointers to help them create one if they own a business page on Facebook.

This is a free opportunity to make a simple video that tells your story, you can share it around after you are done and it doesn’t take any special skills or time to create it. You will simply take the link at the bottom of this email and it will introduce you to the concept of the project. Here you can view some other business stories posted and at the bottom of the page take a link to create your own story!

What you will need:
1. At least 8 photos you would like to use on your Facebook Page. You can select anything you would like but make sure it represents what your brand is about. A group shot of your team or your founder, maybe your building, anything that you feel will tell the story visually.  Make sure they are good quality. Also, as there will be a text overlay of your story make sure you arrange photos without words or that are not distracting for slides 3 & 4 so your story can be read. Don’t worry you can always go back and edit your story to change photo order if it doesn’t work out right.

2. This process will require you to create one or two sentences about what you do in less than 90 Characters, so you will need to really boil it down! For example, we used “We Help Small Businesses Connect & Engage With Customers on Social Media! ”

3. You will then have the opportunity to select from 4 different musical tracks for your story, select the one that you feel furthers your message and story and what you would like to convey.

4. You can create multiple stories if you have multiple pages. Publish and share it! We hoped you enjoyed this fun little project!

Now go create your story!


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