11 Top Reasons you need this WordPress tool now!

wordpress-588495_6407 Top Reasons you need this WordPress tool now!

By Amy Molthan

Are you drowning in a sea of WordPress logins? Do you waste a lot of time managing WordPress sites? What if you could do this all from one place?  And do it for a great price! Allow me to introduce ManageWP to you:

1.Perform your WordPress management tasks all in one place
Save time by logging into one Dashboard instead of dozens or even hundreds
2.Promote a WordPress management service to your customers, because with this tool you can do it efficiently!
3.Log into ManageWP, click a few buttons, and within minutes your monthly website management is complete. Bam! Now send that invoice to your client.
4.Monitor the uptime of your own sites or those for your clients and respond proactively to fix them, or let your client know something is awry with their host. You’ll be a hero!
5.Monitor and analyze the SEO performance of your sites or those for your clients. Easily let them know where they stand and offer your SEO optimization services.
6.Create additional websites easily and quickly with the ManageWP Deploy service.
7.Manage all your WordPress sites from your mobile devices with our ManageWP app for iOS.
8.My personal Favorite, write and publish your posts right from one dashboard and post it to multiple blogs/sites at one time! Yes!!
9.Migrate your WordPress sites quickly and easily. Yep, I said it and if you have ever done a migration this can be a long and complicated process, but not anymore!

10. Backup from one dashboard.

11.Update, Monitor, Security, seriously I can do it all from one dashboard and so can you.

I could easily list 20 reasons you need this tool.  But why not find out for yourself?  It is easy to set up and use and you will see the benefit immediately.  Even if you are managing one WordPress site this would enable you to Backup, Migrate, Optimize, and Monitor your site.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I am a huge fan of this service.  It has easily cut out 3 hours of wasted time logging into to multiple WordPress sites to do maintenance, publish posts, and monitor.  You owe it to yourself to save yourself as much time as possible doing time consuming things so that you can do the bits you love more often!

Starting in April my readers can enjoy a 5% discount when they enroll for their already insanely low priced ManageWP service! Hurry and get it now, because, I am not sure how long this discount will be available.


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